Integrating Messaging In Your Apps and Software Platform is Important!

Posted by Mike Woellert on Jan 18, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Messaging might be considered ‘old’ technology but it is still extremely relevant. It is today’s preferred Integrating-Messaging-Into-Your-App-and-Software-Platform.jpgchoice of communication providing the instant gratification of a phone call without the awkward silences and extended conversations. Nowadays receiving phone calls often elicits a negative Pavlov’s response. The phone rings and we cringe, look at the Caller ID and probably ignore the call. On the contrary we can’t seem pick our phones up fast enough when we receive a message notification.

Here are a few reasons why you should integrate this oldie but goodie technology in your platform.

Messaging Is Preferred

You’re missing out on opportunities if you’re not utilizing messaging. From lead generation to customer satisfaction, messaging is a major touch point. Check out the stats.

These are astounding numbers! Consumers are either using their native messaging app or using Facebook Messenger, which has nearly 900 million daily active users (link to source). All of these communication methods work on mobile operating systems and over wireless networks.

Widespread Application

Messaging has many practical uses across multiple industries. Insurance companies can use it for accidents and bill pay reminders. Hotels and airlines use messaging for check-ins, confirmations and status updates. Auto shops communicate service updates via text. Messaging to the mobile device ensures your consumer sees your message in real time.

No Need to Develop an App

People are growing app weary. Did you know that about 95% of apps are abandoned? Meaning the app is deleted after download and is never used. Most mobile users already have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger installed on their device and likely don’t want to download your or any other app.

Simple Integration

Phone numbers are SMS enabled and integrate seamlessly into software applications using web-based APIs. After integration communication via messaging is possible directly from marketing or CRM software.

Text Over Toll-Free

Many companies are implementing messaging into their customer service communication channels. Toll-free numbers now support messaging and are more cost effective than simple short codes. They also allow for two-way conversation unlike short codes.

Messaging isn’t a passing fancy. It’s the most widely used form of communication. Need help integrating messaging into your business? Contact us today to explore how our messaging services and RESTful-based APIs can serve your business.

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