Leadership Lessons from INBOUND: Emotional Intelligence

Posted by Andi Cook on Jan 27, 2017 9:30:00 AM

In this bold and amazing talk, Karima Mariama-Arthur CEO of WordSmithRapport started off by saying Defining-Leadership-Lessons.jpg“effective leadership isn’t something that happens by accident. It’s also not as straight forward as it seems.”

She encouraged each of us to challenge the status quo. She told us that cognitive intelligence and technical expertise are in fact not the only factors to effective leadership. They are entry level requirements. In fact, 58% of your leadership success depends on emotional intelligence – the ability to perceive emotions. Both other people’s and your own.

Karina outlined five elements to emotional intelligence.


Conscious knowledge of our emotions, motivations and drive. Why we feel what we feel. Observation and introspection is key for self-awareness. Emotions are like habits. They can both be created and broken. Break the habit of indulging in negative emotions.


Think about consequences in advance of your emotional response. Don’t react. Respond to stimuli.


Be sensitive to what is going on with others. Be conscientious. It builds trust. Make people’s well-being the priority. Actively listen. Develop relationships.


This must be self-conjured. What gets you up early and keeps you up late? Capture that! Destiny is a creation rather than a revelation. Combine passion and true grit and execute on a plan.

Social Skills

As a leader, you’re always dealing with people. We are human engineers – we need emotional intelligence. Be more intentional with your communication skills to avoid committing social suicide.

Want to size up your emotional intelligence? Take this quiz from Harvard Business Review.

Thanks for sharing this powerful bold talk with us Karima!

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