Leadership Lessons from INBOUND: Showing Up for Leadership

Posted by Andi Cook on Jan 20, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Your presence is your impact. Anese Cavanaugh stated that we emanate the culture of which we want to beDefining-Leadership-Lessons.jpg a part. How we show up matters because that drives culture. Our energies are contagious.

Anese is the author of Contagious Culture and creator of the IEP Method. This method centers on alignment of Intention, Energy and Presence.

She started the session with a presence reboot. We all took a moment to tap into our various energetic states and identify what we needed to change to be present in the moment. It’s a quick exercise that you can do anytime.

Tap into your physical body in order to figure out what you need to show up for yourself. Perhaps you need to stretch, drink a glass of water or get some sleep.

Tap into your mental state and figure out what you need to do to be present. Jot down a note to pick up a thought later. Clear your mind and focus on the now. If you’re not mentally present you can bust credibility and trust.

Tap into your vibrational energy. The vibe you bring with you. The lowest vibration in the room will win unless you are able to maintain your presence and your state. Ever have a day that is going just fine and then you cross paths with a negative Nancy and all of a sudden your day goes bad? You can choose the vibe you portray. Be a positive one!

There are three major components to showing up in the IEP Method.

  1. Reboot your presence to get present.
  2. Create intentional impact.
  3. Build a really strong IEP foundation.

The formula is You > Energy + Presence > Actions + Skills > Impact.

You is your values and purpose. Why you do what you do. It is your authenticity.

Energy + Presence has both internal and external components. Internal are your physical and environmental factors like how food or environment is affecting you. And also your mental and emotional factors like your thoughts and assumptions. External factors are your vibrational energy or body language and relational energy to others.

Actions and skills are also internal and external. Internal being vision, strategy, leadership and support systems. External being alignment, collaboration and communication.

Lastly you have to intend your impact. Identify outcomes. Assess emotional impact. Be present. Maintain your beliefs. Then take action.

Here are a few suggested substitutions to help you shift your energy state.

  • Instead of complaining > Request or suggest changes
  • Instead of focusing on what is “lacking” > Have gratitude for what is present
  • Instead of gossiping > Directly engage
  • Instead of being late > Develop time integrity
  • Instead of assessing victimhood > Build accountability

Now that was a super cool session. Especially the presence reboot. Totally rad. Thanks for sharing your magic Anese.

You can read more about Anese Cavanaugh and get other IEP resources at www.iep.io. Follow her on Twitter @anesecavanaugh.

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