Training is Essential to UCaaS Adoption

Posted by Mike Woellert on Feb 8, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Training is essential to successful adoption of your UCaaS system and most other systems for that matter.ucaas-training.jpg When you think you’ve had enough training, add one more training course. It’s essential that everyone is comfortable and engaged on their UC system to maximize the benefits of UCaaS.


UCaaS Training Basics

It’s unlikely that your vendor is right down the street, or even the next town, so workers will most likely be trained virtually on their UCaaS solution. Training shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach since people learn in different ways. Live webinars, documentation, videos and other self-service training should be available for all employees. People also learn at different levels, so they should be able to progress in the training at their own pace. There should be a schedule and checklist for completion to ensure that employees are taking advantage of the training available.

Company Wide User Training

Functionality has advanced significantly over the last few decades. Phones are more than dialing and answering. It is important to hold quick 20 to 30 minute training sessions for all employees that are tailored to employees’ devices and outline the basic functionality. This should include actions like putting people on hold, transferring calls and accessing voicemail. There should also be self-service training and documentation for more advanced features such as call recording, conference calling, and joining calls.

Administrator Training

Admins have different needs from the communications system than other users. They’ll need to add and remove users, assign extensions, move devices and maintain the directory. It is essential to provide admins advanced training specific to user management so they are proficient in managing the system and troubleshooting any issues.

Advanced User Training

Some employees will want to use additional capabilities of a UC platform. Some may need mobility features, others the ability to connect to multiple groups or to integrate into a call center. Advanced trainings should be tailored to the employee’s specific needs. Some more common topics include:

  • Hunt groups
  • Mobility features
  • Using a soft client
  • Web conferencing
  • Screen/file sharing
  • Conference calling

Tips for UCaaS Training

  • Training by user type can help create a personal feel and ensure employees get the most out of their training. Define user types and segment your employees by user type. You could start with three – basic, administrator, advanced – or make more specific types tailored to your business.

  • Most employees learn faster with hands on training. Practicing simple use cases in training such as forwarding a call or utilizing the IM system to initialize group chats and share a screen or file will ease the learning curve.

  • For a mobile salesforce, focus training on mobile features and Internet collaboration so the team can easily work from the road.

Unified Communications training is all about empowerment and arming employees with the necessary knowledge to utilize the tools and set them up for UC success. How does your UCaaS training stack up?

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